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UK Floor Sanding: If you've got wooden flooring in your house in UK, you might be thinking about getting them professionally sanded down and using them as the primary floor surface, replacing your existing carpets with an attractive and hard wearing floor, free from dust, mites and allergens. This can be done with both hard and softwood flooring and it can even add value to your home.

You will find there are a variety of companies in the UK area and across UK, who you can speak to about floor sanding services. It goes without saying that with a substantial project such as this you'll want to find somebody decent. If you have a neighbour or friend who has had this kind of work carried out they may be able to give you a personal recommendation for a floor sanding company in UK who do a good job. This isn't really a task that you want to try on your own unless of course you are a confident DIYer, and you can get access to the correct tools and equipment.

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Hiring a professional floor sanding company in UK should mean that the job will be done properly and with as little mess and dust as possible. If you were to use your own little hand-held sanding machine you'd soon get dust all over the house and it could take a while to get rid of. With specialist sanding equipment all the wood dust is sucked up by a powerful extraction system, leaving just a flawlessly smooth wood surface that can then be finished appropriately.

This specialist floor sanding machinery isn't of course exclusive to the pros, so if you do opt to have a shot at sanding your own floors you can always hire out the required equipment which is readily available someplace in the UK or UK area. Ask the hire company exactly what you need and they will advise you as to the best machinery for the task. There are several renowned brands of floor sander including Bona, Hummer, Lagler and Pallmann.

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Whilst it may not necessarily be essential, you ought to completely clear any of your rooms which have to be sanded. The sanding machines are pretty bulky and whoever is carrying out the work will need to have enough space to manoeuvre it around. A clean, clear room will make the entire process simpler, so if you can do this, the better it will be.

As soon as the floor has been sanded with a coarse sandpaper, any required repair work can be carried out before the final fine sanding finish is completed. Broken or missing sections of floorboard can be replaced, splits and cracking can be mended and any ugly holes left by screws, nails and other fixings can be carefully caulked with a matching coloured wood filler, to give your flooring that professionally finished look.

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When all this has been done your flooring can be finished to your taste with a durable floor varnish. However, before this is done it's advisable to give your floorboards at least one coat of a top quality oil based sealer like Liberon or Ronseal, which helps to enhance the wood's natural colours, provides a good base for the varnish, and offers additional protection against scrapes and blemishes.

When you are considering the process of sanding down your hardwood flooring, you might start to wonder whether it's really worth all of the dust, hard work and disruption. If you are having second thoughts about whether you want to put yourself and your family through so much inconvenience, it might pay you to analyze the advantages and drawbacks of the floor sanding process. The drawbacks have already been touched on (hard work, disruption and dust), so let's have a look at the advantages, or in other words - the benefits.

Polished Floors Are Easier to Keep Clean: Cracked and worn floorboards have a tendency to trap more dust and dirt, and when you have sanded down, sealed and buffed-up those floorboards they will be much simpler to clean and less inclined to harbour dust. Reduce the Number of Pests and Bugs in Your Home: Pests and bugs really love the cracks and crevices that can be found in a tired and unpolished floor. Once it's been sanded and sealed, there will be less crannies where these pests can hide. Restores the Look of a Worn Floor: With a previously exposed and used hardwood floor it's more than likely to show a few signs of wear in time and the sanding and polishing procedure will return it to its former glory.

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These floor sanding services are also available in Scotland, Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast, London, Swansea, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Wales, Northern Ireland, Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, England, and other surrounding places, if you live outside of UK.

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It doesn't matter if your floor is in a lively pub, in the kitchen in your house or in a bustling office, it must still be cared for and given frequent maintenance to keep it in good shape and looking beautiful. Exactly how much maintenance it needs will be determined by the finish that has been applied to it. Flooring that is oiled can just be cleaned and then given a fresh coating of oil. Varnished or lacquered flooring can be cleaned up and given a coat or two of acrylic seal, or sanded and treated to a fresh coating of lacquer or varnish. Hard wax oiled floors can be wiped down, gently sanded where they're worn and new wax rubbed in. If the maintenance and cleaning of wood flooring is an undertaking that you'd like to find out more about look at this - Maintenance and Cleaning for Wood Floors. (Tags: Hardwood Floor Maintenance UK, Wood Floor Cleaner UK, Wood Floor Maintenance UK)

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